Upgrade 2 in 1 Bath and Shampoo Brush Silicone Body Scrubber for Use in Shower Exfoliating Body Brush Premium Silicone Loofah Head Scrubber Scalp Massager/Brush Wet and Dry Easy to Clean (Pink)

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[Save Money & 2 in 1]: Dual-purpose shower and shampoo brush you only need to pay for one brush to achieve the purpose of two brushes. One side is a silicone shampoo brush with massage and the other side is a soft silicone shower brush. ^[100% Silicone]: Silicone is a soft and safe material with elastic soft bristles suitable for sensitive skin and scalp. It is more comfortable than traditional loofah and bath sponge. ^[Quick Foaming & Deep Cleaning]: As a body brush it has 2 inch long super soft bristles which can quickly produce rich foam with easy scrubbing soft and comfortable and deeply clean the skin. ^[Massage Scalp & Wet and Dry]: This soft shampoo brush can not only clean the hair and scalp easily but also reduce the itching of the scalp and promote blood circulation. You can enjoy a relaxing massage every time you shower and wash your hair. ^[More hygienic & Easy to Clean]: The silicone bath brush is resistant to high temperatures and can be used safely in hot water. It does not absorb water is not easy to hide dirt and is easier to clean and dry than bath sponges and traditional loofahs.
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