Booyoo Toothbrush Electric U-Shape Waterproof Hand Free Tooth Cleaning Tool

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This electric toothbrush allows to finish brushing your teeth in 10-15 seconds, free you hands from manual labor. The tooth whitening function can keep your mouth fresh and health, convenient and practical. This teeth whitening brush is made of food grade silicone, which is environment-friendly and soft to use, no harm to mouth. The toothbrush three modes: teeth whitening, massage, daily cleaning, which can meet different demands. Its vibration frequency reaches 10560-30228Hz per minute, which can achieve a better tooth rinsing effect. Specification Material: silicone Color: white, black, blue, pink. Size: 21*12*5cm. Angle: 360 degrees. Charging method: USB charging port, wireless induction charging stand. Cleaning time: 45 seconds. Charging time: 30 minutes. Life time: 10 days. Mode: three vibration frequencies (power brushing mode, comfortable cleaning mode, whitening mode). Waterproof rating: IPX7. Accessories: Sonic Motor. Instructions: Before brushing your teeth, rinse the silicone head of the toothbrush with water. Place the U-shaped toothbrush on the left, right and center three points, squeeze out a soy-sized foam toothpaste (usually used toothpaste), and put it in the mouth to gently hold the upper and lower teeth. On the alveolar, hold the body to swing back and forth until it touches the big teeth on both sides, until the toothbrush stops working, rinse the U-shaped toothbrush with water after rinsing and brushing the teeth, dry the body with a cloth or paper towel, and remove the toothbrush. Just put it on the charging base. Type 1: 1 * Electric toothbrush 1 * USB cable 1 * Charger base 1 * User manual Type 2: 1 * Tooth Socket.
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