150pcs Interdental Brush Soft Dental Brush Between Teeth Interdental Cleaner Plastic Oral Toothpick

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Description: Plastic oral toothpick only requires to replace the new brush head periodically, very convenient and affordable. The tooth brush is suitable for cleaning the food residue in the tooth crevice, and the use effect is good. The bristles of dental brush between teeth are beveled at the top is special designed to clean the teeth of your cavity. Applicable to different widths of the teeth, according to the need to choose different Specification: of brush head to clean the teeth and tooth surface. Dental brush between teeth is suitable for people with large interstices, while floss is available for those with small interstices. Specification: Color: blue and red. Size: 11*6*2cm. Material: plastic, stainless steel. Size_Chart: Note: Due to hand measurement there might be slight errors due to hand measurement. Package_Includes: 3 set of 25* red soft interdental cleaners. 25* blue soft interdental cleaners. (Blue & red 11*6*2cm )
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