Automatic Children's Electric Toothbrush U-shaped Sonic Electric Cleaning

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Automatic Children's Electric Toothbrush U-shaped Sonic Electric Cleaning The U-shaped bite design fits the shape of the mouth. The 3D arranged soft bristles are located on the side of the mouthpiece and form a 45° angle with your gum sleeve to ensure 360° cleaning of the surface and inside of the teeth. A soft-bristled toothbrush made of food-grade silicone can prevent gum damage, but is strong enough to clean teeth. You would rather bite your toothbrush lightly, which is more beneficial for cleaning your teeth. There are three functions with three optional functions: 1. Powerful cleaning mode, which can powerfully brush your teeth; 2. Comfortable cleaning method; 3. High-frequency massage mode. The super IPX-7 waterproof grade can be washed and reused. For silicon brushes, use foam toothpaste instead of regular toothpaste. Squ eeze the foam toothpaste onto the silicone brush and gently hold it with your teeth. Don't hold on tight. Wireless charging: It takes less than 180 minutes to charge once, and can be used for more than 10 days, which truly realizes energy saving and environmental protection. After the switch is activated, it takes only 30-45 seconds to complete a full 360-degree brush movement. Automatic memory function: Intelligently remember the user's usual mode, it will automatically start from the last mode. U-shaped single-port design, so you can free your hands when brushing your teeth, improve life efficiency and save time. A new brushing mode is coming soon, would you like to try it? Note: After opening the package due to hygiene issues, returns are not acceptable. The package includes: A box of children's electric toothbrushes
Walmart$21.13a year
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