Cotton and Linen Desktop Storage Box Desk Stationery Storage Basket Dressing Table Cosmetics and Sundries Sorting Box

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Features: 1. It is always annoying to store small things. This product is designed to solve the storage problem of small objects. It can be safely stored when tidying up debris. 2. Breathable cotton linen and polyester fashionable elegant and safe collect the storage products that you will love throughout your life. It is not only a container for things but also a part of the home and its value and durability cannot be ignored. 3. Stylish and simple refreshing and simple style simple generous and practical showing personality and taste. 4. The material is sturdy fused with the feel of cotton and linen the toughness of polyester the warp and weft yarns are tightly woven and the fabric is strong heavy and strong. 5. Fine hemming exquisite workmanship durable novel style and wide range of uses.
Walmart$8.69a year
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