RTR 5-In-1 Rotary Electric Shaver 4D Rechargeable Bald Head Hair Beard Trimmer Razor

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Features: 1. Hair remover built-in Lithium Battery. Fast 2 hours charging allows 75 minutes shaving. Electric shaver design for women to meet all your needs for hair shaving. Helps customize hair shaving on your arms, legs, body, armpits and bikini lines, you could finish in minutes without any residue. 2.This women leg razor closely removes unwanted hair gently, No nicks, No STUBBLE, No cuts, No irritation and 100% painless, closely to remove any unwanted hair. Optimum closeness on body curves & contours to get fast, gently and smooth trimming, recommend people who have sensitive skin. 3.Lady shaver for women is a easy to clean.Can clean it with running water,will quickly rinse away hair stubble and gel or foam residue.When clean, set your ladies electric shaver on the sink or vanity to air dry. 4.Electric razor with smart LED display. Intuitively display battery status which can know the battery life clearly. 5.This female Epilator can be locked in 3 seconds and unlocked in 3 seconds. Unique travel lock design can ensure your safety during use. 6.Precision Hair Clipper, to trim your long and thick hair fast. Precise to trim the hair edge and create the neat hairlines, also the first step to make a perfect bald. 7.With 2 cleansing brush, a silicone cleansing brush and a facial cleansing brush. The Face Cleansing Brush can clean and massage your facial deeply. Soft and comfortable. 8.The precision Nose Trimmer, is made in sharp turbine rotating blade, smoothly to trim your nose or ears hair, no pain and no pull, keep your nose cleaner and more healthy. Specification: Mode:RQ-5566 Color:Black Power: 5W Charge Time: 1.5 hours Use Time: 60 minutes Charging method description 1. Please charge it for 2 hours before normal use 2. The shaver needs to be kept off when charging 3. Connect the power, the LCD display screen of the body will light up and flicker. After full time, the display will not flicker, indicating that the charging is complete When you press the switch and the shaver does not respond, or the displayed number is less than 10s, please charge it in time to supplement the power. Package: 1 x Hair clipper 1 x Electric shaver 1 x Nose trimmer 1 x Facial cleansing brush 1 x Silicone cleansing brush 3 x Guide Comb attachments 1 x Shaver Cleaning brush 1 x Electric shaver cover 1 x USB cable
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