SenSura Click Wide Drainable 11.5"L 2pc System Ostomy Pouch 60 mm Flange 11126, 20 Ct

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SenSura Click Wide Drainable 2pc System Ostomy Pouch 60 mm Flange 20 Ct The Sensura® Click Drainable Ostomy Pouch is a two piece coupling system that combines the Sensura® double-layer adhesive with an audible click to ensure the pouch is fully connected and secured to the barrier. This pouch can be positioned properly for a more comfortable wear in any body position without the inconvenience of removing the pouch. With the ability to separately remove the pouch from the barrier the pouch can be changed without having to change the barrier as frequently. One box includes 20 opaque ostomy pouches.
Target$60.853 months
Walmart$66.386 days
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