White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Toffee

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White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Toffee Description First launched in October as a seasonal flavor, we had to bring it backandpermanentlyandbecause of the HUGE demand. andContinuing our tradition of only using theandbest quality products available...taking our toffee to the next level has never been more rewarding. Infusingandour light, buttery, almond toffee, with Beanillasandpremium bold, smokey, amazingly complex vanilla, and andthen layering it between a perfectly balanced coating of white chocolate and crushed almonds, the flavor is the perfect addition to our award winning toffees.and We can almost guarantee this one will be gone first! Keep this one in the freezer for a tasty crunch beyond your wildest dreams!! Nutritional Facts Naturally Gluten Free All Natural Ingredients No Artificial Flavors No Preservatives Kosher Certified Shipping On All Orders Over 50 Remember if you live in a warm climate, this is chocolate and it can melt. andWe are NOTandresponsible for melted toffee. andAlso be sure to watch tracking or send it to a place of employment.
Walmart$21.87a year
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