Mini Vanilla Charleston Chew Candy Bars - 3.5-oz. Theater Box

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Vanilla nougat covered in a delectable chocolate coating comes in a mini sized theater box that you can carry everywhere and anywhere. Warning: Public eating on some public transit systems is prohibited and Charleston Chews may cause you to begin to start tapping your feet to the music you hear in your head. This may lead you to start moving your body into full out dancing which leads to annoying other passengers on the bus/train who call to a passing police officer who cuffs you and escorts you to the station house. By the time you stand in front of a judge and attempt to explain the situation, your candy box may be empty since you have politely offered to share your chews with the arresting officers and others at the station. While they are off dancing, the judge does not have the opportunity to taste a chew and may hold you in contempt because he feels left out. So, do buy plenty of boxes and carry an extra one just in case you can't help yourself. Offer up this candy at your next themed event or take some with you to the movies. Charleston Chew is a candy bar that was created in 1922 by the Fox-Cross Candy Company. These original candy bars consist of a flavored nougat covered in a coating of delicious chocolate. Did you know that these candy bars were named after a dance called the Charleston? These are a great candy snack for the movies! Box Contains: approximately 3 servings Kosher Certified Dairy Gluten Free Nut Free
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