Gwenie's Pastries Ube Pastillas de Leche (5 Pack) Filipino Milk Candy

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Gwenie's Pastries Pastillas de Leche are made to perfection to satisfy all your candy cravings! •5 pack of Ube Pastillas, 8 pieces per pack. These pastillas have a soft texture with smooth milk flavor infused with the perfect amount of Ube flavor. The delicious Ube flavoring is very popular for making a variety of desserts and sweets. The flavor is extracted from purple yams found in Southeast Asia known as Ube. Pronounced "ooh-beh." The taste is very unique and almost indescribable. You must try it for yourself! •Gwenie's Pastries Pastillas are not mass produced in a factory like most online candies. Instead every pack is meticulously made with extraordinary care and heart by a family owned and operated bakery. •Gwenie's strives to make the finest pastillas on the market guaranteed to please your taste buds. •These pastillas are freshly made with no added preservatives just like home made and delivered to your door. •For best taste experience it is recommended to eat within two weeks of receiving the pastillas. Bring these Pastillas de Leche to your next party event and you’re sure to be a hit with these yummy pastillas, click "Add to Cart" right now to order yours today!
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