Dr. John's Healthy Sweets Sugar-Free Tooth Shaped Watermelon Hard Candy Lollipops, 3.85 oz, Bag

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Dr. John s Healthy Sweets Watermelon Tooth Lollipops are naturally sugar-free, fortified with important nutrients and bursting with flavor. We want you to feel good about eating our artisan candies. This 3.85 oz package comes with approximately 14 tooth shaped lollipops in watermelon flavor made from natural ingredients that make them gluten-free, peanut-free, and dairy-free. What makes it taste so deliciously sweet if we don t use any sugar? We use natural sugar alcohols - xylitol and erythritol - to make sure our candy is just as sweet, without all the calories! Bonus: unlike regular sugar, these sugar alcohols also don't promote tooth decay, making this candy the #1 choice for AA6 across America. Who would eat sugar-free candy? People who keep to a low-sugar or no-sugar diet for medical reasons, like diabetes, people who enjoy getting their calories and sugar in places other than candy, and people who enjoy guilt-free indu ences.
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