Mr. Majestyk [DVD] [1974]

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MGM has turned out yet another solid catalog DVD with Mr. Majestyk. The video transfer offers both letterboxed and pan-and-scan versions of the film. Both show off Richard Kline's sharp, colorful cinematography with plenty of detail, but the letterboxed version is the best bet because it displays Kline's skillful framing in the way it was intended to be seen. Audio choices are limited to the film's original mono soundtrack, but it's a solid one that dishes out dialogue and effects with plenty of clarity. It also makes effective use of Charles Bernstein's punchy musical score. Beyond that, all Mr. Majestyk has to offer is an amusing trailer that pitches the film as a successor to Billy Jack. Other extras might have been nice, but this disc is reasonably priced and presents its title in a polished style. In short, Mr. Majestyk is a worthwhile disc for action fans and something that Charles Bronson fans will definitely want to add to their video libraries.
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