Logitech - Z623 2.1 Speaker System (3-Piece) - Black

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Enjoy bold sound when you listen to music, watch movies or play games with this speaker system that features 2 satellite speakers with 2.5" front-firing, sealed drivers and a 7" bass-reflex subwoofer. Integrated controls let you customize your audio.
Amazon$139.995 months
Newegg$139.994 months
Newegg$159.998 months
Newegg$168.857 months
Macy's$169.00a month
Best Buy$169.994 hours
Walmart$169.9924 days
Newegg$169.998 months
Newegg$169.993 months
Newegg$169.993 months
Newegg$169.99a month
Newegg$169.992 months
Newegg$193.99a day
Newegg$199.269 months
Amazon$203.99a year
Amazon$240.35a year
Newegg$246.993 months
Newegg$312.952 months
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